Announcing 2019 Horror Shorts Film Festival Winners

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Audience Awards is pumped to announce the winners of our 2019 Horror Shorts Film Festival. You can’t imagine how many films we received for this terrifying festival. So many petrifying, horrific films to review and try to hone down to the top five frightening winners. We did it, though, and now we get to share the scare.

1st Place Winner - Hi, Neighbor - T.C. De Witt

1st Place Winner – Hi, Neighbor

T.C. De Witt, filmmaker

Have a neighbor you can’t stand? Want to get rid of them? Good luck. Hi, Neighbor is a maddening ride of murder and mayhem with adverse effects. A multitude of films populate De Witt’s repertoire.

Hi, Neighbor was such an exciting and fun film to make. We had such a blast bringing it together. When you create with your friends and love what you’re doing, it never feels like work. And were the film to simply exist, that would be fulfilling enough, but winning this Audience Award is incredibly validating as creators. We are so grateful to be counted among these other amazing films, and to have earned this top prize is an honor. Thank you to all of those who voted, the Audience Awards, and all the fantastic and twisted minds who made Hi, Neighbor a reality. Thank you.

– T.C. De Witt

Check out his other films here.

2nd Place Winner - The Nocnitsa - Andrew Taylor

2nd Place Winner – The Nocnitsa

Andrew Taylor, filmmaker

You can’t move. The room is dark. A noise sounds. And then she arrives. The Nocnitsa brings to life the terrifying convergence of sleep paralysis and what goes bump in the night.

If you’d like to learn more about his work, you can find more here.

3rd Place Winner - The Devil's Passenger - Dave Bundtzen

3rd Place Winner – The Devil’s Passenger

Dave Bundtzen, filmmaker

What would you do if you saw a woman severely injured? Would you call the police? What if you couldn’t? The Devil’s Passenger depicts such a situation whereby Lauren finds herself having to decide whether to follow the strange van or miss the opportunity to save a woman’s life. What she assumes and what is, collide in a devastating outcome.

The Devil’s Passenger was a story idea that came to me while sitting in traffic. The project was challenging from a logistics perspective. We had a lot of locations, which were mostly roads. The project had the help of a small but incredibly talented and dedicated cast and crew.

Everyone involved with the Audience Awards has been wonderful, and I have really enjoyed the experience. The Audience Awards contest has been so much fun. It is so cool to see the audience voting on your film.”

– Dave Bundtzen

You can follow Dave Bundtzen’s work here.

Honorable Mentions

Honorable Mention - A Doll for Edgar - Anthony Dones

A Doll for Edgar – Anthony Dones, filmmaker

An abusive step-father and a young boy, who’s recently lost his mother, have to come to terms with their new living arrangement. The only thing that may protect the young boy is his mother’s love. You can follow Anthony Dones’ work here.

Honorable Mention - Save Your Self - Craig Baurley

Save Your Self – Craig Baurley, filmmaker

What if you needed to save your self but couldn’t? You might lose your mind. If you’d like to see what else Craig Baurley is up to, go here.

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