AudFest 2017 – Empire Writer’s Room: “How to Be a Better Writer”

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Hakeem walks over to Lucious…

JaNeika & JaSheika James explain how aspiring writers should direct their career and describes how to improve their professional writing portfolio.

Without writers, our film and television viewing would be pretty dry. Writers are the beginning of what people watch on film and television. They create the story, write mind-blowing dialogue and create characters for the audience to relate to and fall in love with. Naturally, it obvious why so many young filmmakers want to explore this area of the art.

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Of course not every person is a Stephen King or Lawrence Kasdan right out of film school. Writing takes time, practice and maybe a touch of natural skill. But one thing you may not know is that it’s not only how you write, it’s what you write.

JaNeika and JaSheika James are story editors on the Fox television show “Empire”. The sisters tell how they made it into the industry and give advice to future filmmakers on how to be successful.

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