Lindsey Hagen: Creating Empowerment in Film

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” My pride and love for filmmaking is rooted in film’s ability to help others and give them a pedestal to have their voices heard.”

Lindsey Hagen has worked with Stept for three years now as their executive producer. She has a background in PR, sales, and marketing in print media. She worked for Freeskier and Snowboard Magazine and for a non-profit called Paradox Sports were she worked with adaptive athletes.

After her time with the magazine she took some time off and hiked New Zealand for three months. Hagen said she “had a journal with here, so everyday she was writing a list of the things that made her happy, feel purposeful and empowered”.

On this hike she came up with the wild idea of La Cumbre.

“As soon as I got back from New Zealand after my hike, I threw myself into production having never produced anything in my life.”

She wanted to bring a team of adaptive athletes from the U.S. who’ve gotten amazing opportunities and bring them to a region where people haven’t had the same opportunities. In this case, it was Ecuador, where they are seeing huge public health issues, especially in the realm of amputation. With a hope to skew the perception of disability in that region by giving them a new skill set and showing them excelling at a sport that maybe their peers thought they could never do, or shouldn’t be doing.

“I decided I wanted to spend my time sharing meaningful stories, using media to empower people and give them a voice

While the film was a struggle to get funded the dedicated team managed to get REI onboard. The company picked it up after production and opted to host the content on all of their platforms. REI ended up being the host platform for the story, but it that actually came after the production.

“It was so fulfilling. I had the most amazing team backing me. The whole process was really beautiful. “

Watch the film here:

Information pulled from article by MusicBed Blog

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