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Project Earth Doc Challenge FinalistsProject Earth Doc Challenge FinalistsProject Earth Doc Challenge Finalists Project Earth Doc Challenge Finalists Project Earth Doc Challenge FinalistsProject Earth Doc Challenge Finalists

The top twelve finalists of Project Earth Doc Challenge have been announced! The challenge, which is hosted by AudAwards in partnership with Fusion, centered on creating a short documentary tied to an assigned environmental theme and specific topic. Filmmakers from around the world were invited to register and participate.

The top 12 finalists will screen on the FUSION TV network and its online/mobile distribution channels, which reaches 40 million households in the U.S. They will also premiere at and the Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital (DCEFF), in March 2017, and DOC NYC, America’s largest documentary festival (Nov. 10-17, 2016), where the Jury Award winners will be announced, selected by the industry jury and FUSION management. Finalists will also be recognized during the festival for Doc Challenge Honorable Mention, Best Directing, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Use of Genre and Best Score.  There will be additional screenings of the top 12 finalist films including The International Audience Awards Film Festival at the Laemmlee Theater in North Hollywood, April 1 – 3, 2017 and at The International Wildlife Film Festival in Missoula, Montana, Spring 2017.


Doc Challenge Award: $2500

FUSION Award: $3,000 + $3,000 donation to a green non profit + a Filmstro soundtrack license for movie up to $1M budget worth $1999


1st Place Audience Award: $1000 + a Filmstro soundtrack license for movie up to $1M budget worth $1999

2nd Place Audience Award: $700

3rd Place Audience Award: $300

FilmStro offers the world’s first soundtrack creation studio. Score your film and make a masterpiece! In addition to the prize money, the first place audience award and jury selection each won a FilmStro soundtrack license, worth $1,999, for movies with a $1M budget or less.

And without further ado, here is the top 12 finalists of Project Earth Doc Challenge!

Team Name

Film Name

Director Name

Team BLTT Novelty of Climate Change Tommy Tang
PNW Salmon Squad Pacific Salmon Charles Johnson, Ben Jensen and Anthony Whitfield
Twisted Hat Creations Riverland Michael Paradise
Kaandid Films The Larger Net David Orr and Kate Webber
Kodama Productions FILTER FEEDERS Rory Moon and Amy Zhang
Sandcastle Films The Big Oyster Colleen Cassingham and Roberto Drilea
just. Studios Buzzkill Ian Frank and Justin Simpkins
A&A Sink or Swim Antony Alvarez and Andy Flores
Vision Group Southwest Perspectives- Water Nathan Hill
Chase a cloud The Bulgarian Solution Stani Milev
Heart of a Grizzly Heart of a Grizzly Deny Staggs
Diving Solo Stonefly Alexander Finden

The industry jury panelists are:

Maryanne Culpepper is the former president of National Geographic and now works as Executive Director of the Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital. She is an award winning documentary and nonfiction series writer and filmmaker.

John Bredar is WGBH’s Vice President from National Programming. Bredar spent 26 years as senior executive Producer at National Geographic Specials and has produced 25 documentary films.

Dennis Aig has produced/directed documentary and dramatic productions for the Walt Disney Company, National Geographic Television, PBS, Lifetime Television, the Outside Channel, the History, Channel, and the Independent Television Service. Aig is the current Interim Director of the School of Film and Photography at Montana State University.

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  • jason terrek

    Excited for this. Been waiting. I’ve seen a film by Nathan Hill who is a finalist. Very interesting perspectives and very talented. As well as Tang…Looking forward for this!

  • Jeremy Horne, Ph.D.

    Nathan was one of my logic and critical thinking students about 10 years ago – aced the course in this rather technical and difficult subject. I personally know of his meticulous attention to detail and unsurpassed expertise in creating films, not only from a technical perspective, but from the content point of view.

    I will say this, “he eats books” (intellectually, of course), but it seems that anything of worthy of content, he comes into contact with, he not only reads but is able to remember the contents months afterwords, and do a keen analysis (reflective of his critical thinking displayed in my class).

    As a President Emeritus of the Southwest Division of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and having lived in Arizona for some 20 years in various locations, I can vouch for the he content of his “Southwest Perspectives- Water”.

    Particularly impressive, and true to Nathan’s uncanny ability to winnow out the chaff and focus on the substance of an issue is his filming the statement by Sailesh (trailer on the Audience Awards website) about the viability of environmental systems affected by water use, availability, and quality. I knew he was a good student, but I didn’t realize that he took away THAT much, as evidenced by his obvious deep understanding of systems analysis and the critical importance of context.

    Nathan not only serves to come in as “Top Gun” in ALL these festivals, but as I scientist, I think his message should be mandatory viewing by everyone.

    Go for it, Nathan, grab that golden handle, and pull with every bit of might you can call upon.

    Jeremy Horne, Ph.D.

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