6 Short Films for the 6 Stages of Being Home Sick

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We’ve all had the classic sick day: wake up stricken with a high fever and chills, call in to work or school begging to stay home. We spend the day lounging around the house, catching up on tv and drinking mug after mug of throat-coat tea. It’s never fun. So while you’re dealing with the inevitable 24hour sickness, why not dive into the best that Audience Awards has to offer with this handcrafted list of 6 films dedicated to mirroring your sick-day-struggle.

Brainsick the Hammer Killer by Brock Grossl

A horror short for the first moment you realize that you’re sick.

That’s Not Mine by John Tuccillo Jr

A comedy for the moment you realize you get to stay home.

Grasshoppers by Brock Forrette

A love story for when you begin to feel sentimental.

Art Lake City by Fernando Lara

A documentary for when you want to feel productive.

Flats by Talena Sanders

An experimental film for when the fever takes over.

The Morning Ride by Reid Hemsing

And finally, an adventure film for when you’re ready to get back on your feet.

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