Lights, Camera, Action! Female Filmmakers Take Hold of Cameras in This New Film by Lorna Landvik

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Lights, camera, action! One filmmaker from North Dakota is making a stand for female filmmakers everywhere. Lorna Landvik manages to balance a hardworking lifestyle in which she is an author, an entertainer, and an antic dealer. Her most recent work is ‘Oh My Stars’ which is a proof of concept of her Depression-era novel.

Featured here, left to right: Lorna Landvik (screenwriter), Cynthia Uhrich (Director & Producer), and Dawson Ehlke (actor) who portrays “Kjel” in the short film.

Lorna says her movie, which is based on her popular book, is a story of hate being out-maneuvered by love, a story of joy and talent trumping fear and doubt. There’s music, heart, soul, and humor in it — and our hope is that Hollywood will heed the call of millions who want a story about people who fly, transform and avenge in more human ways, but are still superheroes.

Featured left to right: Lorna Landvik, Cynthia Uhrich, Pauline Olsen.

As female filmmakers begin to push their films forward more and more are being recognized. Lorna Landvik, in her balanced lifestyle, is managing to bring attention to all details of a hard lifestyle in her books and her new films.

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Article by Danika Firth

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