Name It: Scary Movie Franchises!

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We often talk about Halloween as a time to revisit our favorite horror classics. Maybe it’s a seminal slasher that redefined the genre as we know it, or maybe its the film that “kicked” off the torture-porn world with a certain foot stuck in a chain. Chances are, we all talk about many of the same films when we talk about the best scary movies.

Hollywood is well-aware of which scary flicks we have spilled our popcorn over. The horror genre may very well be the most commonly franchised out there, seeing as, really, all you need to make a scary movie are things that are scary. Who really cares if the title is the rebranding of something that was once a gem, now scraped down to a rough cinder block with a “part 7” slapped on the end.

Maybe you are in with the system, and you take Halloween as an opportunity to veg out on the 10 films of any given 1980s horror franchise, or to test the waters with some of the long-winded sagas of recent years. Hell, maybe you are partial to one of the several horror parody franchises.

Whatever is your particular bag of candy, we know you know of one too many horror sequels. Let’s hear’m!

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